Let’s Go!


Let’s Go! is a party. Rohanne and Fiona are your hosts. They are eager to please and entertain, in fact they are desperate to prove their worth both artistically and as all round great people.

A surreal personal marketing project. A fusion of job interview, speed-date and anxiety-riddled house party. A cathartic exploration of the pressure to succeed, perform and somehow make the best of it.

Testimony from SmashLab:

Good Punch created a nostalgic party, a familiar set organised in an abstract way. The hosts ran the audience through a regime of laughter and games but of which the delivery from the girls left a strange, unsavoury taste in the mouth. Cleverly and with confidence, the Good Punch performance built up whilst unravelling simultaneously. Our Smash Lab audience were captured, baffled and endeared by the energetic Good Punch.

‘Let’s Go!’ was first performed at the Fresh Cream exhibition in December 2014. It has since been performed at SmashLab XIV at the Book Club in April 2014. It is a durational work of up to 3 hours.

Gallery below from SmashLab XIV with thanks to Ludovic des Cognets.