The Main Yvette

The Main Yvette

Performed from 24th-28th     November 2014 at Space  Club, Edinburgh. 1hr

The Main Yvette is a brand new performance by Good Punch, Edinburgh based, live art group, directed by Fiona Anderson in collaboration with Theatre Paradok.

Everyone wants to win, everyone wants to be the best, but what does it take?

We are consumers of life, constantly striving to improve ourselves…
Be happier! Be healthier! Be sexier, richer and more content, be the best possible you!

The Main Yvette is a capitalist game show. The 10 contestants are trapped on stage, unaware of why they are there or what the point of it all is. Through a series of symbolic tests, who’s the sexiest, who can worry the most, who is the most ‘sorted’ and together, the contestants’ femininity and personality are trialled.

The Main Yvette is about conformity and about pleasing others, about the fear of failure and the enduring hum of anxiety bolstered by contemporary consumerist culture. Taking inspiration from mainstream media and everyday life, the Main Yvette is recognisably absurd and invites the viewer to laugh at the ridiculousness of human behaviour.

A raw and awkward, yet cathartic exploration of what it means to achieve success as a woman… an outstanding piece of performance art.   The Journal


Photos and Video by Archie Crofton.